stretching beyond

           the liminal

                        bodily transcending the fixed/static/grounded/balanced self

            we live in these spaces/places that are between imaginary points

                                       the liminal of the rites of passage

                                                               between states of being

                        that are not fixed themselves

                                                 between I and Thou

                                                                You and me

                                     struggling for but never finding




Installation by Erica Grimm, David Squires, Jeff Warren, Stephen Stasson, Jim Dobbs

Media: encaustic, steel, positron emission tomography (PET) scans, graphite on Baltic birch panels;
sound and music triggered with light and sound sensors through Teleo and MAX/MSP; digital film

Lighting designer: Gareth Griffiths

Studio and Installation assistant: Josh Ebersole

Acknowledgements: PET scans courtesy of Shannon K. Campbell;
Adagietto from Symphony no.5 by Gustav Mahler courtesy of EMI Canada;
Beep sound courtesy of LS and escalator sound courtesy of Igarret through the Freesound project (http://freesound.iua.upf.edu) under the Creative Commons Licence;
Thank you to Jamie Barrow and Lindsay Perth;
Thank you to SSHRC and the TWU Office of Research and Faculty Development for the funding to make this possible