Writing Practice

My writing practice inquires into the epistemological implications of the process of making. Written from the vantage point of a maker of art, my PhD dissertation, The Aesthetics of Awareness, opens with being "stopped" by a heart attack, ends with a laugh and identifies recurrent phases of aesthetic acts—the necessity of being stopped; trusting unknowing and self-emptying attentiveness through the act of making; emerging out of this liminal process with a laugh of insight having made something that surprises even the artist.


Published Work

2012   The Aesthetics of Attentiveness: A Philosophy for Artists and Educators. Doctoral Dissertation, Simon Fraser University. Waterloo, Ontario: Wilfred Laurier University Press (forthcoming).
2011   Matter and Spirit. Exhibition essay.


Academic Papers

2009   "Inside the Aesthetics of Attentiveness." Simon Fraser University.
2009   "Art-Making As Embodied Aristotelian Epistemology: Materialized, Enacted, Experienced." Simon Fraser University.