Sea Change Colloquium

Additional Info

  • what-1: Sea Change Colloquium
  • when-1: October 3, 2015 9am - 5pm
  • where-1: Music Building
  • where-2: SAMC, Trinity Western University
  • other: Langley, British Columbia

“Life on earth depends on the ocean’s finely tuned chemical balance. Oceans produce most of the planet’s oxygen while their currents, winds and water-cycles regulate climate. Scientific evidence tells us that temperature, salinity and pH balance are all changing. The Sea Change Colloquium invites ocean scientists to join with scholars, poets, artists, curators and interested public to engage in an interdisciplinary forum on ocean change and its ecological and social implications. The purpose is to expand knowledge, disseminate understandings and increase public awareness about these critical issues.”

More information may be found on Trinity Western University’s Sea Change Colloquium event page.